We are happy to announce that some of our clients are willing to pay R350 every month for a house plan design.This option of a house plan design is for a period of a year or more.

The option of this house plan design is recommended for more than 65 square metre house or a building extension.All clients are advise to pay R500 as joining fee for this option of a house plan design.

This option of a house plan excludes SANS 10400 or SANS 204 fee for the competent person,a structural engineer fee and council submission fee.

Our clients are advised to deposit this R350 on our business account every month for a period of a year or more.

Most of our clients for the house plan design are advised to have the following documents at their disposal:zoning information,SG diagram,SDP diagram and acopy of a title deed.

NB:we do accommodate clients who are willing to pay a full amount based on a quote of the house plan design.They are those who will stand a chance to commission 20% if they refer a paying client for a house plan design.