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There is luxurious provision for relaxation and entertaining in this large,rambling,thatch-roof (447.20 square metre) building floor plan or house plan design of a four bedroom house.The double-volume lounge and separate semi-circular dining room are inter-linked by the entertainment bar ;a games room at mezzanine level overlooks the lounge,lending even more spaciousness to the living area of this building floor plan or house plan design.Other features of note include an upstairs study and sewing room;a balcony above the dining room;an external staircase that provides additional access via a balcony to the master suite;an exceedingly spacious kitchen with an island hob;a large scullery area;a separate pantry;an outside change-room;a substantial entrance hall;a guest cloakroom with its own lobby;and a very big workshop,which connects the main building with the double garage in this building floor plan or house plan design.