Think of your website as an office space or shop:your homepage is your reception or entrance,your pages are your various 'aisles' of products and your contact/purchase page is your checkout counter.

Your website must answer the following questions.

•Is my website attracting the right target market?

•Are people spending any time on my product pages?

•How many people don't find or like what they see on my page and leave straight away?

•Are visitors looking at other pages on my website too?

•Do I know their age,gender,city and even interests?

Next ask:

•How did my visitors get to my website?

•Did they come from a search engine(such as Google or Bing) and what search term did they use?

•Did they come from a link on another website or did they type in my domain name?

•Where are my visitors spending more time-on what page and for how long?

•Is my website converting into sales/leads,what is my most popular product,and how many people walk down a certain aisle and buy something?

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